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6+ Acres on East Side of Crystal Lake



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Crystal Lake Storm damage, JULY, 2012: 

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                                  2013 Photos at  Crystal Lake    









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          CCF Picnic at Crystal Lake, 1935



        1913 Photo on the banks of Crystal Lake, Saskatchewan



                   Amy Troyer, Alice Tatham, Cora Betts, Wilda Clibbett


                       We know nothing about these ladies or their families - if you know who they are, please contact me.  I would like to write a short history on them for this website:   E-mail


Here is what I found out about Amy Troyer and Wilda Clibbett - Info sent by Gord Parker of Calgary (click this link)


Rent the Trident Church Camp, Crystal Lake, for Family Functions

        Information on Trident Ukrainian Summer Camp - Crystal Lake, SK.

        Photo from United Church Summer Camp, 1957


Map of Crystal Lake:




Crystal Lake Maps: (Size 28" by 25")










                       North End of Crystal Lake from Lakeview Drive!                             Having a BBQ at Crystal Lake!


  More Photos of Crystal Lake (Click Here))


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